lördag 5 mars 2016


The days are getting longer and in two weeks the days will be longer than the nights. In sunny weather we need to protect our eyes when we are out walking for long since the sunshine reflects on the snow and get very much stronger.

The chainsaw is broken and we have a lot of firewood still to chop and cut. We use a swed-saw (bågsåg) to cut smaller trees and an old rip saw (timmersvans) that I found on a flee market for bigger trees. I hope I can repair the chainsaw since it takes a lot of time to cut trees by hand tools.

As usually we found a lot of interesting tracks on the snow like this from a grouse. 

Last year the hens started to lay eggs in the middle of mars and we look forward towards this. The hens have become much more active thanks to the sun.

We still have a lot of stored food from last years harvest potatoes, berry jams, dried mushrooms, dried roots, and dried nettles and cow-parsley leaves. 

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