fredag 1 april 2016


The hens started to lay eggs in the middle of Mars a week or so before Easter. They had made a nest in the hay in the barn. I had forgotten how beautiful their eggs is. We have two hens that is laying brown eggs and three chickens that is laying green eggs. They are of mixed breed mostly an old northern Swedish breed that is called hedemora. The green colour of the eggs come from some isbar genes. 

We have started to cook food outside during the days, on the fireplace in front of the shelter. Its nice to get out of the house. Two of us have moved to the log hut and the rest sleeps in the house.

Some hunters passed by and gave us a badger. I have asked them for a badger for some time since the fat is very good to lubricate on leather shoes. I mix it with some tar and wax and that is the best leather lubricate. The skin is also useful for now we have conserved it with salt.

The chainsaw is now repaired so we do not need to spend more to saw big logs, even if the woodwork is almost done. Its good to have the chainsaw ready when we start to build the sauna of those big spruce logs that we prepared in winter.

Its still snow around but its melting fast away soon we might be able to pick the first greens, I do look forward towards that.

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