torsdag 12 maj 2016


The snow have melted away and the sun have returned with a lot of warmth. Everywhere it is starting to sprout.

We are preparing new grazing ground and is burning a lot of spruce branches and raking away moss from grasslands that have been covered by big spruces that we have cut down. Its seems like an endless work also a lot of roots have been removed from the grasslands.

A big moose hide have been tanned with fat from eggs but first I had to scrape away the hair down the river where the hide have been laying in the water for a couple of weeks. We mixed the yellows of six eggs with rapeseed oil and water and used the solution to tan the hide. It was very difficult to ring and soften the big hide, and the result was not perfect. I think I have to fine another way to ring a big hide like that to get a better result. The moose hair have been spread out in the gardens.

We have started to prepare the gardens, almost all the hay we covered the soil with last year have been decomposed during winter. Some perennials like rhubarb, lovage, shives and strawberries have started to grow and I found that a small maple tree I planted last year have survived the winter.

We have got a lot of pikes from the fishcage. We have eaten some but dried most to the dog.

Now the ice is completely gone from the lake so we can now take a bath in the lake.

Some strange creatures have found their way to the hill like the moose giraffe and the guardian of the gardens. It might be Vittra that have attracted them to the hill.

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