tisdag 21 juni 2016


Summer have arrived, in the end of may and beginning of June we had some really warm days. The mosquitoes started to hatch and the water in the lake reached quite a comfortable temperature. Everything started to sprout in the gardens but it was very dry and we were longing for rain. Some brassica eating bugs (Psylliodes) had also awakened and start to chew on the small brassica sprouts. I protected some with half plastic bottles that I put on the plants, the bottles also work like small greenhouses.

We have been allowed to use a chalet situated only 3 km from the farm. The chalet have a house in a bad condition but a very nice barn there hay could be stored and transported back to the farm with skies in winter time. There are big wet meadows that could be used for haymaking. The wet meadows needs a lot of clearing. We have been there for to days taking down small spruces and drying the leaves. We filled a big area with dried leaves in the barn that will be used as rabbit food in winter.

Eventually rain come but also cold weather one night in the beginning of June it was about one degree in the night, one squash died and the potatoes leaves took heavy damage but the potatoes was small enough to have strength enough to sprout new leaves.

We have been fishing almost every evening a lot of perches and also some trout. We need more fish now since we have less eggs. Two hens started to nest so we only have three egg laying chickens.

We have started to build the sauna of the big and heavy logs that we prepared this winter. Also we have done a lot of reparations and building of rabbit-houses. 


The rainy weather was good for the gardens, everything is growing very fast now. We have been weeding a lot and covering the paths in the gardens and the soil around the larger plants like potatoes with a thick layer of grass-cut.

The rabbits have got plenty of kids and we have now over 30 rabbits. Yesterday the chickens hatched. One of the hen have now 10 chickens and the other one has 3. 

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