torsdag 21 april 2016

Birch sap time

We have started to get sap from the birches, we drill holes and put pipes in holes to get the sap. We make quite big holes and later on we will take down the birch and chop it into firewood. If you do not intend to take down the birch you should make smaller holes and close the holes with something when you are ready. We use the sap for drinking and we also add it when we cook food. 

We have started to dig a foundation to the new guest house that we plan to build this summer. It is actually an old foundation there but it need to be repaired. The old house that once were there is now gone. It is hard work since its a lot of soil and sand mixed with bricks and iron trash 

The hens have now moved to there new house and they seem to like it. They have started to go out on longer adventures now when the snow is melting away in search for worms, bugs and green grass.

Except for nettles and cow-parsley we have also found some small willowherbs, soon we can start to pick them for real.

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