torsdag 7 april 2016

The beginning of April

The snow is melting and its soaking wet to be outside, the fat from the badger is well used as leather lubricate on our shoes and gloves. Several days the sun have made a warm appearance and it almost felt like the last snow where going to disappear but then the snow returned and once again painted the landscape white.

Two dried moose hides have been dragged to the hide tanning area to get soaked in the river. We will let them be in the river for a week or more before scraping off the hair.

The second storage clamp have been opened and like a surprise from the sky we found out that almost all potatoes where in a good condition. We now eat a lot of potatoes. 

The storage house was not completely ready, it lacked supporting beams between the standing poles. Luckily the chainsaw is now working so we could easily make some beams from spruce. The house is now incredible stable.

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