onsdag 13 april 2016

Middle of April

The newly built storage house have been cleaned and most of the tools have been moved there. It feels good to have the tool more organized. Later in summer we will store hay in this house.

We have now chopped a lot of wood and filled the two new woodbarns, even so the chopping goes on and we start to fill the old ones too. Every year the amount of wood seem to increase and increase, its better to have too much wood than to less.

The final touch have been made on the chicken house. And soon we plan to move them to their new home.

Helena have been making a shaving horse. It will make it easier to make shafts for different tools.

We still fish on the ice, but soon there will be no more ice. Its getting warmer and warmer and yesterday I found small nettles and cow-parsley.

We use the last snow to transport some heavy logs up the hill.

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